Downtown Dollars

The purpose of the Downtown Dollar program is to bring people into the historic Main Street district to make purchases at local eateries and retail shops. This program is coordinated by the West Branch Community Development Group. 


Where to buy Downtown Dollars: 

Downtown Dollar Coupons can be purchased from West Branch Community Development Group in $5 increments. To purchase email and they will be mailed or delivered to you, or visit the WBCDG office (109 W Main St - open Wednesdays & Fridays). 


How to Process Downtown Dollars: 

The coupon is ‘spent’ like cash to pay for purchases at downtown businesses. Good for any purchase of food, drink or retail items. If purchase is less than coupon value you will provide change in cash. Cashier signs and dates the coupon and retains it so business owner can request reimbursement.


How Businesses get Reimbursed:

Business owner/manager simply return the used coupon(s) to WBCDG for reimbursement. Make sure you sign and date the back of all used coupons. They can be returned in the following ways: 

  • Mail to WBCDG, PO Box 786, West Branch, IA 52358. 

  • Drop off to Jessi Simon (Director) in the WBCDG office within Heritage Museum (109 W Main St) during office hours on Wednesdays or Fridays 10am-2pm.

  • Drop off in a sealed envelope at the US Bank drive-thru during business hours. Please ask the window attendant to leave it for Beth Thomsen (Board Member). 

  • Request pick-up by emailing Jessi at

Please allow 1-2 weeks for reimbursement - you will receive a check via mail or dropped off in person. 


What Downtown Dollars Look Like: 

The coupon is printed in color on a light grey cardstock. They come in $5, $10, $20, $25 or $50 increments.  A void sample is shown below.