Envelopes to Evolve is a fundraiser to support West Branch's historic Main Street district. It's an opportunity for you and our other community members to help ensure that West Branch thrives with an eclectic mix of old and new, as a desirable visitor’s destination, and a place of hometown pride that shows in the vibrant downtown & unique offerings. Now more than ever, it is crucial to shop, eat and support LOCAL as small businesses are being impacted especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How You Can Help

The West Branch Community Development Group has 144 envelopes, each labeled with a number from 1 to 144.  Invest in West Branch by simply selecting an envelope and making a monetary donation to match the number printed on the label. You can do this in person during our posted office hours, online at mainstreetwestbranch.org or by contacting one of our Board Members listed below. All donations are tax deductible.

When all 144 envelopes are filled, we will have raised over $10,000 to support West Branch's historic Main Street! 
How Do I purchase an Evelope?

CLICK HERE to complete the donation form Online with payment by PayPal or Venmo (@mainstreetwb).

You may also contact any WBCDG board member:

  • Nicki Brick (President)

  • Steven Grace (Organization Chair)

  • Erin Vincent (Promotions Chair) 

  • Nick Shimmin (Design Chair)

  • Carolyn Anderson (Treasurer)

  • Beth Thompson (Secretary)

  • Shane Staker

  • Cassie Pluim

  • Lindsay Klein

  • Jessi Simon (Executive Director)

or, email mainstreetwestbranch@gmail.com!

Give and Win!

Even more reasons to give...8 of the envelopes were randomly selected to carry a prize! Pick a winning envelope and you could receive up to $100 in Downtown Dollars to be used at any Main Street restaurant or retail shop! 

How Funds Will Be Used

Half of the funds raised through this fundraiser will be used for immediate pandemic relief made available to business owners in West Branch's Main Street District.  The other half will support the ongoing efforts of the Community Development Group including special events, community upkeep and decorations, and supportive resources for business owners.  

The West Branch Community Development Group is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization established in 2006.  The group is accredited by Main Street Iowa and Main Street America.   All donations are tax deductible.